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Early Years

Hello and welcome to our Early Years classes. We currently consist of 23 pupils and 10 staff across two classes.

Some of us have not attended an education setting prior to Cherry Oak. It was a little bit daunting at first being away from home but we soon settled into the daily routine.

Our school offers us a wide variety of activities to help us socialise with our new friends and to learn new skills. We have some fantastic facilities but our favourite is the new Backlands outdoor learning environment. We are all very active and love to run, jump, climb and explore and this area is ideal for doing all of that and more. Here are some photographs of us using the Backlands area doing all of our favourite things.


Dribbling the ball.
Scaling great heights.

Carefully does it.
Catch me if you can.

Exploring the terrain.

Up I go.
Down we come.

Up the climbing wall.
Ball skills.

There's different things to climb.
We can see everything from up here.