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We're Going On A Lion Hunt: - 10:00am Monday 6th July 

We're Going On A Lion Hunt - Monday 29th June:



As well as enjoying listening to the story your child can, should they wish, join in with key elements of the story with the following resources:


2 Empty toilet/kitchen rolls to pretend we have a pair of binoculars! Or indeed a pair of binoculars if you have them!


Fabric, ribbon, or similar to swish and simulate grass! Water in a bowl for a splashing effect!


Something gloopy! Cornflour & water mix or slime or play dough, to squelch your fingers in!


Something cold. Ice cubes or even ice cream to simulate snow!


A blanket to pretend we're in the dark.


As always all of the above are completely optional and you can choose to just listen to the story should you prefer or just have some of the items to hand. There is potential for some of those resources to become a messy activity so you may also wish to have a towel or two hand and be in an area that is easy to clean up afterwards.