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Lockdown Procedure

Lockdown Procedures

What is "Lockdown"?

"Lockdown" is an emergency procedure that we would use if people within the school were at risk of a threat from outside the school.


Why might we need to lock down the school?

Such a threat might be:

  • A motor vehicle on fire on the road outside creating a danger of burns and fumes.

  • A dangerous animal on the loose in the surrounding area.

  • A hold-up being committed at a nearby business

  • A person trying to get into the school , threatening to harm a pupil, staff member or visitor

In all of these scenarios, it would be safer to keep pupils, staff and visitors safe inside the school, so we would "lock down" the school. Unfortunately there have been a couple of occasions recently when Birmingham Schools have had to go into "lockdown".

What happens when we lock down the school?

When we lock down the school, we all come inside and lock all external doors and windows and contact emergency services.

If we do need to lock down the school, you will receive a text message saying that the school is in lockdown. Please do not come to the school or phone the school! If you come to the school, you may be putting yourself in danger. If you phone the school, it will tie-up our phone lines when we most need them to be in contact with emergency services.

We will send another text when the emergency is over and the lockdown has ended.

How do we prepare for a lockdown?

We will train staff about what actions to take in the event of a lockdown but do not practise lockdown drills with the children as it can be quite distressing for them.