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We wish you a very warm welcome to Cherry Oak School and our great website. Here you will be able to find a great deal of information about our school, our work, and the fantastic learning opportunities our pupils have.

Please look around our site by clicking the links and using the drop down menus at the side of the page to find out more about the school and what our pupils achieve.

We always enjoy hearing from parents, visitors and friends, so please leave us a message in our Guestbook or get in touch by one of the ways listed on the Contact Information page.

Enjoy our website and we hope you will visit us again soon.

Cherry Oak School is proud to be in receipt of living eggs! These were delivered on Monday 27 March and should hatch within 2-3 days. After which the chicks will be transferred to a brooder box where classes can observe their first days in the world! Watch with us by clicking the live feed.

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