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Communication Books

Some children use communication diaries to share information relating to their school day. They use photos or symbols to fill out their diary at the end of the day to provide parents and carers with information about their child’s day at school. Symbols are organised into categories in the diary, days of the week, lessons, activities, food and social times.


Each category is colour coded, symbols and photos are printed with borders relating to this code;

Days of the week=  Dark Blue

Lessons= Blue

Activities= Red

Food= Green

Social/ playtime= Yellow

Home related = Orange

Behaviour = Black

Core Vocab = Pale yellow

I have something to say = Pink

Communication diaries can also be created for more individualised use, and personalised. The content will depend on the user, if you feel any child would benefit from using a communication diary, liaise with the communication team for support in setting this up. This can take many forms, symbols or photos can be placed in folders, talking photo albums, communication boards. Whichever is most appropriate for the practical use in the classroom, and for the child.