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Working Together for Success

School Logo

Cherry Oak School

Working Together for Success



Our Federation

Welcome to the Federation of Cherry Oak, Victoria School and Victoria College.




We are two special schools and an independent specialist college located in the South of Birmingham. The 2 schools formed a ‘hard federation’ with one governing body and one Executive Head Teacher in September 2010. Our Federation is further strengthened by the work of Victoria College through a memorandum of understanding, which was established in 2018. 


Our Federation's aim is to‘‘Inspire and Empower Students Through Collaborative Working and Promote Their Holistic Development’.


We celebrate our similarities and differences, share staff, resources, events and ideas and bring enriched opportunities to all settings throughout the year. Our achievements together are published in a newsletter each term as well as on notice boards in each school.


The Federation brings many benefits to the schools' and college students and staff and we continue to go from strength to strength in partnership.


Our current 5 Year Vision document can be accessed here and runs until 2024. We review our progress annually.