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Working Together for Success

School Logo

Cherry Oak School

Working Together for Success


COPE - Cherry Oak Picture Exchange


What is COPE? 


C - Cherry     

O - Oak         
P - Picture     
E - Exchange

At Cherry Oak, all staff are trained to support pupils with choice making and information giving using signing, objects, photographs or symbols. 


We use symbols or photos to support pupils to communicate what they want or need as well as to comment.


If you would like more information about the COPE system, please contact the communication team at the school and they will be happy to help. 

Introducing COPE at home.

We offer home visits to families who require extra support outside of school in order to develop their child's communication further. As with any form of development, consistency and continuity is important and we advise that where possible whatever their main method of communication is, it is used both in and out of school. 

We are happy to support parents with creating the symbols suitable for the home environment and hold annual COPE parent workshops in order to teach those who are interested.