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At Cherry Oak School we have a Physiotherapy assistant who helps us to exercise our needs. Your child will be offered regular play sessions and reviews to progress. They will follow their own personally designed exercise programme to specifically target their needs.

Physiotherapy is supported by designated staff Jo Gavin and Bev Chabannais, along with class teams. 

Personal programmes of exercise are encouraged throughout the weekly/daily timetable. Class teams support the needs through day to day routines. 

Jo & Bev see pupils regularly for 1:1 or group sessions and liaise regularly with parents/carers. 

Throughout the year, gross motor activities and exercise is also encouraged through enrichment activities such as rock climbing, swimming, enrichment walks, work out Wednesdays, morning march and more!

Picture 1 Bridging
Picture 2 High Kneeling
Picture 3 Balance
Picture 4 Core / Aeroplane
Picture 5 High Kneeling
Picture 6 Balance
Picture 7 Manual stretches & relaxation
Picture 8 Gross motor