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School Council

Welcome to the Cherry Oak School Council page.


Below is some information about the members of the school council, what they've been up to, and what they have planned.


Updates will be posted throughout the year, documenting the progress and achievements our school council have made.


Cherry Oak School council is made up of pupils who have nominated themselves to be a member of the group to represent the student voice.


Pupils take part in elections where the whole school has an opportunity to vote for who they would like to represent them on the school council. The five children who have the most votes are elected on to the school council, and will serve their post for one academic school year.


The group meets monthly to discuss a variety of topics. It is an opportunity for them to discuss issues raised by classmates, events happening in school. Every term School council attends Victoria school to meet as a Federation Council with Victoria College also attending. The School Council plays an important part in contributing to the school improvement plan to ensure the pupil's voice is heard.


The School Council also assists with the interview process for teaching, support and lunchtime supervisors positions. They create questions and are a part of the interview panel, giving feedback and opinions on candidates.


The School Councils first meeting as a Federation

The Student Council met, as a Federation student council, with Victoria school and Victoria College to discuss school dinners and Mental Health. Cherry Oak were pleased with their school dinners as a new menu had recently been introduced.  The view was that nothing needed to be changed.

New playground games using a Playleaders book available daily

In the Autumn term, the student council discussed new activities/resources for playtimes. The MUGA has been officially completed and pupils are able to access this during playtime and lunchtime. They asked for basketballs and hoops which have been provided as well as footballs and goal posts.


Support staff have been provided with a playleader booklet from the PE Lead for them to access different games such as ‘Traffic Lights, Pirate Ship and What's the time Mr Wolf?’


Footiebugs attended in the Autumn and Spring terms every Thursday and on Wednesdays during the Summer term, pupils will be accessing Yoga sessions. Pupils still have access to scooters and bikes along with music.

Playground Activities

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The Student Council is always really excited when they have an interview day; they say it’s fun and they like finding out about new people especially guessing their ages before they start working at Cherry Oak School.

School Council Interviewing a potential candidate

In the later part of the Spring Term, a pupil asked to speak with the Head of School.  He presented a picture he had created using digital technology and wanted to use the image as a Cherry Oak School Mascot. Head of School praised him for being proactive and for his efforts using the technology to create his image.


The Student Council met with the pupil on 1st May where he presented the picture he had created and asked for their thoughts on whether Cherry Oak should have a School Mascot.


The Student Council was really happy with the idea and have already started asking questions about where the Mascot would live and what materials could be used to create it.

Cherry Oaks New Mascot will be made for Autumn 2 in 2024