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Cherry Oak's Physical Zone Extended - Trim Trail

A new physical activity area has been added to our Outdoor Learning area. The Trim Trail was carefully selected and designed by Jo Gavin with help from the school council and Jacqui Hanna-Jones our Behaviour & Sensory Lead. Pentagon play installed the equipment.


Trim Trails provide children with a variety of physical challenges to develop balance, climbing confidence, upper and lower body strength, core stability, coordination and gross motor skills.


Cherry Oak's Trim Trail consists of the following equipment:


Clatter Bridge

A slatted timber deck bridge that sways under foot as it is crossed. The handrails over balance as your children improve their stability control and footwork with the moving deck. The flat-top beams at each end of the bridge deck provide a sturdy start and finish point and assist in developing confidence before taking on the bridge!


Double-Sided Timber Climbing Wall

 A traversing climbing wall constructed from timber with over 50 colourful climbing holds. The challenge develops both upper and lower body strength, flexibility, core stability, gross motor skills, and gripping the climbing holds improves hand strength contributing to fine motor skills. Features assorted colour climbing holds so the climbing challenge can be varied.  


Log Weaver

A balance beam with vertical logs either side, to create a twisting, balancing challenge as the posts are negotiated like a slalom. Great for core stability and speed challenges as you slalom quicker to the other side.


Swing Log Traverse

Suspended log steps make up this adventurous traversing challenge. The swinging logs - unstable under foot - will challenge your children’s balance, core stability, and lower body strength as you struggle to keep your feet from slipping away and your legs from spreading apart. A physically demanding challenge, this is perfect for physical development and improving strength, gross motor skills and coordination.


Trapeze Swing Traverse with Step Up Logs

An overhead crossing challenge featuring trapeze holds suspended from a timber beam, this challenges your children’s upper body strength, grip and coordination to the fullest. Not only a strength task, this challenge teaches your children about momentum and its development of hand strength will assist in developing fine motor skills.