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Christmas Is Coming To Cherry Oak!

Dear Parents/Carers


As we know, the festive period of Christmas is upon us. We are already starting to see the decorations going up and Christmas lights flickering. I think it would be fair to say that we all need a little bit of Christmas cheer in what has otherwise been a largely turbulent 2021 so far.


As the Omicron COVID-19 variant has now been classed as a variant of concern, the Department for Education has asked schools to reintroduce some of the restrictions we have seen over the last 18 months. This means we are again in a position where we are risk assessing every activity leading up to Christmas in ways we would not normally need to. Although Christmas will be very different again this year, we still want everyone to enjoy the festive season and make it fun for all the pupils. I have detailed some of the ways we are keeping Christmas alight in the school but with some adaptation to keep everyone safe.


Christmas production

Normally, at this time of year, the pupils and staff would be gearing up for an exciting Christmas Production in school. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has stopped us from being able to physically come together as a community to enjoy these events in the usual way. The production this year will be pre-recorded, which I believe is in the same format as last years. Links to the production will be sent to parents directly, and consent for pupils to take part will be requested early next week.

However, we would like to invite all parents of year 6 children to an ‘Oscar’ event at the school to see the recording on a big screen with their children. I understand parents of children in other year groups may be disappointed they do not have the same opportunity, however, we hope you understand that we have extended this invite to year 6 parents as it is their last Christmas at Cherry Oak, and we can accommodate the numbers in the hall at a safe distance whereas we wouldn’t be able to if all parents were invited.


Christmas cards

Children are welcome to send Christmas cards to their peers. Each class will have its own collection box. Please ensure cards arrive between 1st and 14th December only. They will then be quarantined for 72 hours before being given out.


Christmas Jumper Day

On Friday 17th December we will be supporting ‘Save the Children’ by taking part in their Christmas jumper day. Children can wear a Christmas jumper or ‘Christmassy’ non-uniform to school on this day. If the children could bring a voluntary contribution of 50p we will ensure the money raised goes to Save the Children.


Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner will be served on Wednesday the 15th December 2021. If you would like your child to have Christmas dinner please let your child’s class teacher know by Wednesday 8th December 2021 at the latest.


Santa Visit

We are excited to announce that Santa and his Elves have made time to visit Cherry Oak at this very busy time of year. He will be coming in to give presents on Thursday the 16th December. Now, some people say Santa looks surprisingly similar to our wonderful Mark, and his elf is a spitting image of Phil, but I assure you these are purely coincidences and we very much have the real deal, Santa himself, coming in to see the children.


Kind regards


Ross Ashcroft

Head Teacher