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Warm Weather

Dear Families,


The weather this week will remain warm and is forecast for 34-36 degrees. Please could you ensure your child brings refillable water bottles with them and ensure they have sun cream applied in the morning. We are also asking for sun hats to be brought in with your child. We understand that not all our pupils will tolerate a hat but if they bring one in at least we can encourage them throughout the day to wear it.

On Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th July the temperatures are forecast to rise further. On these two days there is the option for pupils to come into school in non-school uniform. We would suggest shorter clothes (shorts, vests, etc…) to help children feel cooler.

We recognise that the school environment is hot for us all and we encourage pupils to make positive decisions to use shaded outdoor areas and stay hydrated during the day. We may have to make some menu adjustments for catering as the kitchen environment needs to be manageable for the staff preparing food. However, food will still be available for pupils.

I have tried to hire portable air-conditioning units for classrooms. However, as you can imagine these are in high demand across the country, and as of yet I have not managed to source any. But we will continue to do everything in our power to keep the environment cool for the staff and pupils, including relaxing the timetables for Monday and Tuesday.

Thank you for your understanding,


Kind Regards,


Ross Ashcroft