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Welcome to Elm Class's Home learning page.


Your child has a routine that they follow at school. 

Routines help children to understand the world around them and can reduce anxiety. Visual information and auditory cues such as songs help children to understand what is happening now and next. We hsve created an example of this routine that you could use which would start after their usual morning routine at home. You can follow this routine, or use part of the routine or make your own. Each day of the week is colour coded to support your child.


Elm Home Learning Routine Slideshow - Click to View

EXCOM - A Choice Making And Communication Session


EXCOM - Click Here


A relaxing session in which children are given the opportunity to explore and play with a variety of items or toys to an accompanying piece of music.

Sensory Diet A Calmining And Proprioception Session


Sensory Diet Slideshow - Click Here


A Relaxing session that follows a simple routine set to music. This session allows pupils to relax take comfort and meet their proprioceptive needs.

Aided Language Display Board for Activities At Home


  • An ‘aided language display’ is a symbol display where all the relevant words for a specific activity are displayed on a single page in symbol form
  • Ensure that symbols are easily accessible in activities
  • They can be used to supplement systems already in place such as Makaton, Communication books or with purely verbal communication as they are quick to make and easy to implement
  • They are a useful tool to support students to communicate in a functional way, within various activities throughout the day
  • Vocabulary is organised to help combine words and build simple sentences from left to right across the display
  • Certain key symbols such as ‘more’ and ‘finished’, which frequently appear on displays, should always be located in the same place each time to help the learner’s understanding and use of them. At Cherry Oak these key symbols or ‘Core Vocabulary’ are located on the left hand side of the display in yellow boxes.
  • When using an Aided Language Display, or ‘ALD’ for short it is important for the person communicating with the child to use the ALD as well.

An example of using an ALD to play a game

Here is a short video of two people playing a game using and ALD to support communication. Although the display is slightly different from the ones we use at Cherry Oak the principle is the same.

Breakfast Song

Played when children come into class whilst eating breakfast and taking part in morning routines

Tidy Up Song

Used at the end of activities to indicate that they have ended and that it is time to get ready for the next activity or event.

Hello Hello! Can You Clap Your Hands?

Used to greet children and indicate that the school day is about to start.

Lunchtime Song

Song played to indicate that it is time for lunch

Relaxation Songs

The songs below are used to indicate that it is a time for calm and to be relaxed

Relaxation song

Relaxation song