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Home Learning

The Academic Year of 2019-2020 was an unprecedented year, that presented us all with challenges we were not expecting. This area of the Website was developed to support our pupils and their families with Home Learning. Pupils and families were also supported with a comprehensive range of remote teaching sessions offered throughout the school day. 


We have decided to keep this webpage active as there are a lot of valuable resources that are still relevant even though we are now back at school. 



Thank You For Being Brave.



As we are coming to the end of the school year, we just wanted to use this time as a chance to reflect on how strange this year has been. We have certainly got through it together and we cannot thank you enough for how understanding and supportive you have been. The Cherry Oak community has gone from strength to strength and we have done our best to turn this negative situation into a thousand positives.

We wanted to share with you a video to showcase everything we have achieved together during this pandemic and to let you know how proud we are of our children for being so brave. We really hope you enjoy it.

Thank you again

A Thank You From Cherry Oak Parents & Their Families To All The Staff 

Thank you Cherry Oak

A heartfelt message of thanks from our families here at Cherry Oak. All of the staff were truly humbled & emotional and would like to say thank you to our amazing pupils and their families!

Welcome to our Home Learning Zone. 


Here you will find a list of websites and resources that you may find useful to use at home. 

We will add to this page regularly and would encourage you to explore these resources with your children.


Click on the link for your child's class for resources that are specific to them or scroll through this page for enjoyable activities and additional useful information.

Schedule For Interactive Online Learning Sessions

Please Click The Icon Below To Access Resources For Our Zoom Sessions

Some sessions are colour coded Red and Blue. As a parent, you can choose which you would feel is most appropriate for your child. The RED sessions will be very practical, focusing on exploring resources and opportunities for sensory and child initiated play. The BLUE sessions will follow a more formal structure and offer focused work opportunities and set tasks. Please feel free to join both sessions if you feel your child would benefit from both the formal session and the free flow session.



10am - Red English with Karina and Pod

11am - KS1 and Elm Scavenger Hunt

1.30pm - KS2 Scavenger Hunt

2.30pm - Blue English with Pod and Megan



10am - Red Maths with Megan and Kathryn

11am - KS1 and KS2 Bingo

1.30pm - Blue Maths with Karina and Kathryn

2.30pm - Open Theatre



10am - Life Skills with Kathryn and Pod - Everyone

11am -  KS1 and Elm Write Dance

1.30pm KS2 Write Dance

2.30pm - Workout Wednesday



10am - Science with Megan and Karina - Everyone

11am - Let's Dance

1.30pm - Talent Show



10am - Morning March

11am - KS1 and Elm Singing and Signing

1.30pm - KS2 Singing and Signing

2.30pm - Amy's Proud Assembly (Leavers focus)

Speech and Language At Home Packs


The packs contain ideas based around play and daily routine to help develop your child's communication skills.  They contain simple activity ideas along with some symbols to use together. New packs will be added weekly for as long as the school closures continue. 

Social Stories To Help Prepare For Transition Back To School


The Stories below will help our pupils to understand that school will be very different for a while. Please share these stories with your children to help prepare them and diffuse any anxieties they may feel have about why things are not as they remember them. 

Open Theatre:


As many of you will know, Cherry Oak has a practitioner from Open Theatre in school once a week called Hannah. Hannah leads non verbal interactive drama sessions which every child at Cherry Oak loves! Open Theatre have created some videos explaining how their sessions work, you will find these on our website in the home learning section. Richard and Mel from Open Theatre have kindly offered to lead a Zoom session for Cherry Oak students and parents to encourage you to explore their drama sessions at home. This session will be a chance to chat, ask questions and have a go at some of the things Hannah does in school. For this session you will need a scarf or piece of material.


Please take a look at the videos below for more insight

Open Theatre opens up about our Warm Up

Learn more about the Open Theatre practice with simple exercises you can do from your own home. In our first video we look at the warm-up. Join in and have fun!

Open Theatre opens up about Scarf Dancing

Learn more about the Open Theatre practice with simple exercises you can do from your own home. In this video we look at scarf dancing. Join in and have fun!

A Social Story To Help Explain Why We Are Staying At Home And Not Coming To School

A Social Story To Help Explain Why Some Children Are Coming To School Coming To School

De-escalation Techniques


Sometimes our children can display challenging behaviour. Now more than ever, for some of our children, the world is a difficult place to understand. Their normal routines have become disrupted and they may be experiencing higher levels of anxiety.

Behaviour has a function, and there could be a number of reasons for it. These may include difficulty in processing information, unstructured time, over-sensitivity or under-sensitivity to sensory stimuli, a change in routine, transition between activities, or physical reasons like feeling unwell, tired or hungry. Not being able to communicate these difficulties can lead to anxiety, anger and frustration, and then to an outburst of challenging behaviour.


We have compiled a series of videos that you can access that may help with de-escalation and help our children to manage their own anxieties. We hope you find these useful.


Using symbols at home


  • You can use the symbols attached to help your child understand what you are saying by showing them a symbol as you talk.
  • You can keep the sheet whole and point to the symbol you need or cut them out and show a single symbol on its own.
  • You can use the symbols to offer a choice. You can use the symbols to show what is happening now and next.
  • You can place the symbols in an accessible place and your child can use them to show what they want.
  • Remember like any new system this can take time to embed, be consistent and show your child how to use symbols by using them yourself. Do not expect them to use it right away.
  • Attached are some symbols to get you going.



Aided Language Display Board for Activities At Home


  • An ‘aided language display’ is a symbol display where all the relevant words for a specific activity are displayed on a single page in symbol form
  • Ensure that symbols are easily accessible in activities
  • They can be used to supplement systems already in place such as Makaton, Communication books or with purely verbal communication as they are quick to make and easy to implement
  • They are a useful tool to support students to communicate in a functional way, within various activities throughout the day
  • Vocabulary is organised to help combine words and build simple sentences from left to right across the display
  • Certain key symbols such as ‘more’ and ‘finished’, which frequently appear on displays, should always be located in the same place each time to help the learner’s understanding and use of them. At Cherry Oak these key symbols or ‘Core Vocabulary’ are located on the left hand side of the display in yellow boxes.
  • When using an Aided Language Display, or ‘ALD’ for short it is important for the person communicating with the child to use the ALD as well.


PDF Version Of The Above ALD Click To View Or Download

An example of using an ALD to play a game

Here is a short video of two people playing a game using and ALD to support communication. Although the display is slightly different from the ones we use at Cherry Oak the principle is the same.

Early Language Ideas for Home - Click to be taken to the free resource page.


This free early intervention resource was designed for speech therapists to share with parents, as a way to support parents to use language strategies during play and daily routines at home.

There are four play ideas, three daily routines, and two additional activities outlined in this resource, alongside 10 language strategies. The activities suggested have been chosen as they are common toys/activities that are done in the home environment, and can be easily supported through parent-coaching therapy.

Judi From Victoria School signs Better When I'm Dancing

Judi is joined by Judi and Judi to sign along to "Better When I'm Dancin' " by Meghan Trainor

New videos are added daily. Please click the Singing & Signing Icon below to see the latest videos and join in!

A big thank you to Judi and Ben for making these videos and keeping a smile on our faces!

Time Capsule


We are living through History in these extraordinary times right now. Below you will find a " Time Capsule" that you can create for your future self to look back on.



Below are a few story books and story magazines for you to enjoy with your children at home.


Useful Websites:  - Currently offering 1 month of free premium subscription     - your child will be set tables appropriate to their stage of learning  - maths based learning including tables  - English based learning including spelling  - downloadable resources to support maths and English

Youtube songs and videos that pupils enjoy in school



Monday  - YogaBugs
Tuesday  - FootieBugs
Wednesday DanceBugs
Thursday  - FootieBugs
Friday  - YogaBugs

PLUS! Check out our Mindfulness activities page for some fun mindful, activities to do with your child.

Keeping In Touch


During this difficult time when Cherry Oak School is closed to all pupils and staff, we want to stay in touch with all of our families. Teachers will be phoning families at least twice a week to support you. If you are not able to answer the phone then please email your child's class teacher to arrange an alternative time. Please also use the email address to keep us updated on the work your child is doing at home. We would love to see the work that your child is doing. We are all missing your wonderful children and would really appreciate you cheering us up with some lovely news about them!


Class  Teacher   Email
Acorns  Hollie Maleady
Bluebells  Louise Wood
Clover  Emma Eaton
Elm  Kathryn Tovey
Fern  Jacqui Hanna-Jones
Maple  Pod Serge
Pine  Megan Palmer
Rowan  Ellee Vance
Sycamore  Karina Johnson
Willow  Elizabeth Bradley-Adams