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Welcome to Fern Class


We are very active learners and we like to explore and investigate. We use a variety of methods to communicate including gestures, objects, pictures, symbols and speech. We work well when we have a clear routine and we use now and next visual aids. We follow an explorers curriculum and we each have a sensory 'diet' with activities that we enjoy which help us to focus and learn.


We like our classroom to be calm and organised and we like to be able to focus on what is important. We particularly enjoy messy play, movement activities, Adventure Time and music. 

Sensory Drama Spring Term 2020

On a Tuesday we are very lucky to have Hannah for Birmingham Repertory Theatre work with us in a Sensory Drama lesson. We start the lesson with a warm up routine which we all join in with. We then we take turns to perform and dance with Hannah. She uses lots of props and music, facial expressions and big and small body movements. Sometimes we like to copy her movements and sometimes we like her to copy our movements instead. It is a session we all really enjoy. It helps us to learn to take turns and even a different way of communicating and interacting with people, as the lesson is mainly done without talking!



Harris House Sensory Room and Soft Play January 2020


On Friday mornings we go to Harris House. We have great fun and get lots of physical exercise in the Soft Play room especially the ball pit! When its time to relax and wind down we go into the Sensory room and explore all the lights interactive boards or just have a lie down on the heated waterbed!




Music Lessons: December 2020


This half term we have had a Music Teacher come to our class on a Thursday. She has brought us lots of different instruments to explore and play. The drum was a definite favourite this week