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Sycamore Class Resources

Welcome to Sycamore Class's Home learning page.


We hope that you will find the ideas and videos here useful whilst your child is at home.

Your child has a routine that they follow at school. 


Routines help children to understand the world around them and can reduce anxiety. Visual information and auditory cues such as songs help children to understand what is happening now and next. We are working on creating resources that can help maintain this routine and  that you could use after their usual morning routine ends at home. 

Our theme this term is 'Castles and Knights'.  This half term we have been focusing on the story: Saint George and the Dragon. Doing any castle or knight related activities would be beneficial to supporting your child's continued progress in Literacy. Please see some of the suggested activities below.


This half term in maths we have been focusing on counting, addition and subtraction strategies. Any numeracy or problem solving activities you can do with your child would support their continued education in maths. Please see our suggested activities and videos below.



Maths Songs

Fine Motor Skills


Calming, relaxation and quiet time

It is really important for our children to have the opportunities to have some quiet reflection time during the day. We have 15 minutes of quiet relaxation time every day. We usually listen to 'quiet time' music and do some mindfulness activities such as 'finger breathing'. 


Sometimes calming and relaxation time is crucial for our children when they are in distress. Continuing to give children the opportunity for some calming time at home can be beneficial to those that need it.  


Please see some of the suggested activities and videos below. You can also find calming music with symbols on our 'Routine Visual Support' PowerPoint attached above.