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Welcome to Maple Class 


We are a lively class who have lots of enthusiasm to learn, play and explore our way through the daily routines. We like to explore a balanced variety of educational, physical and sensory sessions. We use lots of different ways to communicate such as symbols, speech, pictures, gestures and objects.


We follow both a connectors and explorers curriculum, which means we have a great mix of work and play! We particularly enjoy messy play, Science, English story time and Music. 

Autumn 2

It's Christmas!

In the run up to tthe end of term, we have done a whole range of Christmas crafts and activities. We have had lots of fun playing and doing some messy sensory play. Our favourite activity was making salt dough decorations. We watched as an adult made the mixture and then we rolled out and explored our dough. We also loved our Christmas dinner as we had special paper on the tables!

During Autumn 2, our topic in Life Skills has been 'getting dressed'. We have worked really hard on doing up our zips on our coats and asking an adult for help when we need it. We have practiced our fine motor skills on buckle boards where we try to do buttons, press studs and zips.

In Art, we focused on winter celebrations. Firstly we made poppies to go on our school display on the gate. This paid respect to all of the soldiers that died in the war. We then made some firework display art, choosing our favourite colours to splat onto some paper. As we came towards the end of term, we started to make Christmas crafts. We made salt dough ornaments, snowy trees and Christmas cards. We really enjoy our art lessons and concentrate at the tables for a long time!

We have been focusing on Geometry and Measure in Maths this half term.We did lots of work identifying big and small and some of us moved onto big, medium and small. We enjoyed using the compare animals to explore this theme. Towards the end of term, we moved onto identifying one/lots and more/less. We used symbols to request 'more' of our favourite things while some of us moved onto making sets of more and less.

Our English story this half term has been The Smartest Giant in Town by Julia Donaldson. We sequenced the story and had fun interacting with our sensory story trays. We could identify all the different characters and learnt George's song:


"My tie is a scarf for a cold Giraffe,

My shirt's on a boat as a sail for a Goat,

My shoe is a house for a little white Mouse,

One of my socks is a bed for a Fox,

My belt is a bridge for a Dog crossing a bog.

But look me up and down, I'm the smartest giant in town!"

In Science we have been exploring our 5 senses. For touch and sight, we completed a sensory walk in the playground. We stood in lots of different textures - some of them we were not so keen on! For taste, we did a taste test of bland or strong foods. Our favourite was the popping candy as it made a funny noise. For smell, we did a blindfolded smell pot test and tried to identify coffee, vinegar and orange among wither smells. For hearing we made our own shakers! We chose different materials (lentils, orbeez, water, foam, couscous), put them into a bottle and observed the noises they made. In the final week, we explored all of our senses in messy sensory play.

Autumn 1


Our English story for Autumn 1 was the Little Blue Truck. In our story, a Little Blue Truck and his animal friends help a big Yellow Dump Truck that gets stuck in the mud. We learnt about friendship and also made lots of different animal noises.


We've had lots of fun in Maths this half term. We explored lots of different topics over Autumn 1 such as counting, following routines, finding hidden items and prepositions. We love doing practical activities in Maths, especially when we get to use lego!


In art, we focused on lots of different topics. We made a big display for our story Little Blue Truck. We made some green valleys and collaged a big puddle of mud using tissue paper. Towards the end of the term, we had lots of fun with Halloween activities. We decorated our own pumpkins and made bat silhouette art which was lots of fun! On our final art lesson of the term, we had lots of messy fun with pumpkins.

In Life Skills, we focused on staying clean. We washed our hands after we covered them in glitter to make them clean. We also practiced brushing our teeth on a giant set of teeth. We put the toothpaste on a toothbrush and brushed until they were all clean!


'Our bodies' was our topic in Science this half term. We identified all of our different body parts and also looked at pictures of ourselves as babies. Our favourite week was when we did a healthy foods taste test. We tried different types of fruits and vegetables, then used an ALD to tell an adult whether we liked them or didn't like them.