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Fern Class Resources

Welcome to Fern Class's Home learning page.


We hope that you will find the ideas and videos here useful whilst your child is at home.

Daily Routine


Below you will find the songs and videos we use throughout the school day to help our children with their learning and also to help them to recognise the routine of the day.


We have also created a Slideshow that you may wish to use at home. The slideshow contains familar activities from school that you could use at home. Please click on the link below to view


Fern Routine Slideshow For Home Learning


Hello Song

This song is used during Circle time to start the morning in class

Quiet time music

This video is played to indicate that it's time to sit quietly and calmly. It is played with the lights in class turned off

Outdoor Playtime

Song used to let children know that it's time to go out to play

Wash Your Hands Song

Played whilst children are washing their hands

Snack time

Played whilst children are eating at snack time

Tidy Up Song

Used at the end of snack time or other activities to indicate that it is time to finish and begin the next activity

Lunch Choice

Song used to let children know that its time to choose what they would like for lunch

Lunchtime Song

Played just before children eat lunch

End of the school day song

Played at the end of the day to let children know that the school day is ending and that it's time to get ready to go home.